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Discipleship Resource 

We have discovered a new discipleship small group resource that we have been using here at Junction City Church of the Nazarene. It is a new resource developed in Africa where disciples are being made at an incredible rate. It was brought to the United States sometime back. It is the best discipleship resource I have ever used! It is simple, easy to implement, easy to understand and a great tool for personal and cooperate spiritual growth! 

The best part is that it is completely free! We will send it you to completely free! 

We would love the opportunity to share with you this resource to help start a discipleship movement in your church! If you are interested please fill out the information below and we will email you a video link explaining the resource and we will also email you the paper resource as well! If you are interested fill out the below! The email with information will be sent out on Friday August 19th. 

--Kevin McDonald